Basilica Hudson Wedding – Dana & Martin


Basilica Hudson Wedding // Dana & Martin messaged me over a year ago after they saw an image I posted to Instagram that I took of Iyesha & Kyle in New York . Once we talked about the venue, I was literally hooked. I especially fell in love with the venue, the Basilica in Hudson .

The travel to Hudson was a little hard however. I spent the entire week before the wedding in Spain for the Wolves Workshop and it took me 24 hours until I reached my bed in Hudson. Once the wedding day started, all of that was forgotten however. It was super cold but the sun was spending some extra warmth, so it wasn’t too bad.

Once I entered the getting ready room from Dana I could not believe the light that was coming in through the window. It gave me the power to create a very cinematic and dark look and I love how it turned out in the end. Even the light in the Basilica was special and the set up was simply mind blowing. You will get what I mean once you reach the images.

The ceremony started with an acoustic version of “For Emma” from Bon Iver and I could not stop myself from singing along behind the camera as Dana was walking into the room. You could clearly see how happy Martin was once he saw her.

After Dana & Martin made their exit , they walked into a secret gallery. A gallery that was set up by their friends with photos, videos and even a podcast in the style of “This American life”. You can clearly see they were surprised once Ira Glass started talking at the end of the podcast.

Once they were done in there we jumped out for some quick photos in the cold before we went back in for the first dance and the super awesome party with the best playlist I ever experienced at a wedding.