Keegan & Pearson

Wedding couple doing their exit at the basilica in Hudson
happy wedding couple dancing and shouting on the dance floor

Industrial Elegance in Golden Light

When Keegan and Pearson first contacted me and told me about their wedding, I was in love. The Basilica in Hudson is a place I've cherished for years, its unique architecture and the way the late afternoon sun seeps in, creating a unique interplay of lights and shadows. Knowing I would be back in such a special space, I was instantly captivated.

As our conversations progressed, it felt less like I was communicating with clients, and more as if I was catching up with old friends. We didn’t just discuss the wedding; our talks veered towards music, life, and everything in between

The moment I met them in person, a day before the wedding, I was met with a surge of warm energy. They ran towards me, shouting my name, enveloping me in a heartfelt embrace. In that instance, I knew that the images we would create together were destined to be magical.

Lukas felt less like a “on the clock” wedding photographer going through the motions, and more like a close friend who also happens to be the best photographer you’ve ever met.

basilica Hudson Wedding Venue
The inside of the basilica in Hudson
groom getting ready with his father
groom getting ready with his father
groom getting ready with his father
groom getting ready with his father
groom getting ready with his father
groom getting ready with his father
groom getting ready with his father
close up of the groom for a portrait
an old house in upstage New York
shadows of leafs on a wall
us flag hanging outside
wedding details
a room lit up by lights and shadows
mother of the bride closing the dress
close up of the mother of the bride helping close the dress
the bridesmaid setting up the veil
close up of a bride covered in shadows and a spot of light
a smiling wedding bride
intricate portrait of a bride
photo of a white old timer car
the bride arriving at the wedding venue
father of the bride helping her get out of a vintage car at the basilica in Hudson
father and daughter enter the venue during a wedding
the evening sun peeking through a window at the basilica in Hudson
wedding table set up at the basilica in Hudson
the groom lit up by lights walking in the basilica in Hudson
the groom walking at the empty reception area
a wall of old wedding images covered in light
a man walking towards a light in an industrial building
the veil of the bride lit up my warm sunlight
the groom waiting for his bride at the ceremony
the bride entering the room
smiling wedding couple looking at guests during their ceremony
father of the groom observing the wedding ceremony
wide angle shot of a wedding ceremony in the basilica in Hudson
the bridesmaids observing the ceremony
the groomsmen observing the ceremony
bride laughing during the vows
exchange of rings at the basilica
first kiss at an industrial wedding
bride and groom exit their industrial wedding
a wedding couple during their ceremony exit at the basilica in Hudson
happy wedding couple
a happy wedding couple standing in front of a green trailer
wedding couple and another person walking down the street
wedding couple shot
a wedding couple rehearsing their first dance
bride and groom spilling the champagne
wedding couple hugging intimately
the bride drinking champagne while the groom is cheering her up
Smiling wedding couple standing next to each other with a glass of champagne
Smiling wedding couple walking next to each other with a glass of champagne
first dance shot of a wedding couple in the basilica
first dance at a wedding
wedding couple dancing at the basilica in Hudson
wedding couple on the dance floor at the basilica in Hudson
smiling wedding couple
father daughter dance at a wedding
ambient shot of a dance floor
blurry photo of wedding guest dancing
screaming wedding bride of joy
singer of a band on stage in lights
mother of the groom lit up by disco lights at the reception
close up of a guitar player
happy wedding couple with sunglasses at their dance floor in disco lights
a bride in a jeans jacket on the dance floor
a singer on stage in magenta light
Singer and wedding couple on stage
groom getting carried around at the reception dancefloor
wedding guest dancing
a wedding couple kissing in moody blue light

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