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Capturing raw emotions, intimate moments, and the enchanting interplay of light and shadow, my photography goes beyond simply documenting an event. It's about crafting a narrative that reflects the uniqueness of each couple's love story. Every image is a testament to a moment of authentic emotion, a fleeting glance, a memory that will be cherished for a lifetime. Welcome to my portfolio, where every photograph is a love letter written in the universal language of visual storytelling.



New Zealand

Cabo, Mexico




43°53′N 172°63′E

40°70′N 73°99′W

22°89′N 109°91′W

Alyssa & Scott picked the Acre Baja in Mexico as their wedding venue, and it's one of my all-time favorite places to shoot at. Warm weather and palm trees for the win!

Stephanie & Indi celebrated an extraordinary multicultural wedding as Sikh & Jewish traditions met. Two completely different weddings in one day.

Sarah & Trent had one of the most beautiful ceremonies ever. The scenery of New Zealand made this destination wedding genuinely remarkable.

7°63′S 110°20′E

13°19′N 59°54′W

57°85′N 11°59′E

The stunning Amanjiwo resort in Java was the location for the wedding of Alvina & Stephen. A stunning story about light & love in the middle of the jungle.

A mix of sunshine & rain could not stop Emelie & Frederik on their big day on the small island of Marstrand at the coast of Sweden.

Iyesha & Kyle chose Barbados as their wedding destination to celebrate with all their friends and family. A beach ceremony followed by an energetic party.

40°70′N 73°99′W

15°29′N 74°12′E

63°53′N 19°51′W

A stunning rooftop wedding at the famous Gramercy Park Hotel in Manhattan in combination with New York streets makes Sasha & Harris's wedding special.

The wedding of Sheelah & Dimitri was dominated by love, colors, and the rich culture between the Indian and Greek heritage.

24 hours of daylight in the middle of summer as Jasmin & Patrick eloped during the Summer Solstice on this beautiful 2-day adventure around Iceland.

55°67′N 12°56′E

40°79′N 17°10′E

42°25′N 73°79′W

An intimate city elopement in the heart of Denmark as Nora & Andy tie their bond. Fall in love with the charm of Copenhagen and its history.

A wonderful countryside wedding that is full of stunning moments. Cristina & Richard really tried to have the perfect destination wedding in the south of Italy.

Dana & Martin really nailed the industrial wedding vibe that they were going for. A wonderful day that really shows the connection between two people.

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