A truly unique destination Wedding in Bora Bora

Eva & Sebastian

A couple standing at their overwater bungalow at the Conrad in Bora Bora
A wedding couple enjoying an intimate sunset at their destination wedding in Bora Bora
amazing bride standing next to a window during her getting ready

Connecting with Eva and Sebastian before this journey of a lifetime

Months before the wedding, I had the pleasure of meeting Eva and Sebastian at their lovely home in Berlin. From the moment we connected, it was clear that we were destined for an extraordinary adventure.

As we sipped coffee and shared stories, we began to envision the incredible journey that awaited us. Together, we planned a once-in-a-lifetime experience that would take us from the artsy streets of Berlin to the iconic Golden Gate Bridge to the captivating beauty of Bora Bora, culminating in a mesmerizing underwater shoot.

Our connection laid the foundation for genuine, heartfelt documentation of their love story, making every moment even more magical.

The photos that were created are not only artistically beautiful, but they have also emotionally transported us back to the days, the place. We are incredibly grateful to Lukas for that.

First Stop
San Francisco

Happy couple running through the waves at a beach during an engagement shoot
a super happy couple running around holding hands at Marshalls beach with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background

Engagement Shoot in the Golden city

Our journey started on the west coast of the USA in the iconic city of San Francisco, where we had our stopover on the long trip to Bora Bora. It gave us the perfect opportunity for an engagement shoot at Marshall`s Beach.

The backdrop of the majestic Golden Gate Bridge perfectly framed their love, showcasing the beginning of this incredible adventure together.

As we ran through the water, laughing and dancing, we captured intimate and beautiful photos that showcased their unbridled joy and excitement for the journey ahead.

San Francisco engagement shoot with a couple on a beach next to the Golden Gate Bridge

Hello beautiful island

View from The helicopter of Bora Bora from the distance

A Heartfelt Ceremony on Tupai Island

After arriving in Bora Bora, we spent two enchanting nights exploring the island, connecting even further on a personal level. Our shared experiences and laughter laid the foundation for the beautiful moments.

On the elopement day, the two got ready at the luxurious Conrad Bora Bora. With excitement in the air, we then boarded a helicopter to the heart-shaped and remote island of Tupai for a beautiful ceremony.

Surrounded by the breathtaking scenery, Eva and Sebastian exchanged their heartfelt vows, fully immersed in the moment's magic. Once the ceremony concluded, we climbed back into the helicopter.

We returned to Bora Bora, just in time to witness one of the most spectacular sunsets ever. The golden hues of the setting sun painted the sky, providing a perfect ending to an unforgettable day.

helicopter view of Bora Bora
Overwater bungalow at the Conrad Bora Bora
happy smiling couple
vow booklet from a wedding laying on a bet next to flowers
groom looking at his wife getting hair and make up at a wedding shilouette
Bride in a Ritual Union Wedding dress
a bride walking next to a door with light coming in
upper body shot of a beautiful wedding dress
Portrait of a bride on her wedding day against backlight
A bride in her ritual unions dress standing next to a curtain
a bride walking towards her groom right before a first look in Bora Bora
A happy groom is smiling at his bride right after their first look
a smiling wedding couple walking down a bridge at the conrad in Bora Bora
a smiling and happy wedding couple on a boat
A bride entering a helicopter during her Bora Bora Elopement


helicopter view of Bora Bora

Above the island and beyond

After an unforgettable first look, our adventure took a thrilling turn. With hearts full of excitement, we boarded a small boat that took us away from the resort to a unique helicopter landing pad on the ocean.

The anticipation grew as we prepared for a helicopter journey that would take us on a breathtaking tour over the entire island of Bora Bora.

The vibrant colors of the lagoon and the striking silhouette of Mount Otemanu painted a picture-perfect backdrop. The 20-minute flight was filled with awe and wonder as we went to the remote heart-shaped island of Tupai for the elopement ceremony.

wedding couple holding hands inside a plane
elopement ceremony on tupai island
elopement ceremony on tupai island, tieing the hands with palm tree
groom crying when bride is reading the vows during elopement in Bora Bora
exchanging the rings at a elopement in tupai
bride crying while reading her vows on a beach
ring exchange during an elopement
wedding couple is popping the champagne on an island
smiling wedding couple next to each other
artist black and white shot of a bride on a beach
artistic black and white photo of a bride in a flowing wedding dress
smiling groom
artistic black and white photo of a bride in a flowing wedding dress
a full body shot of a bride in a ritual union dress on Bora Bora
a wonderful bride with closed eyes portrait
Wedding couple holding hands in a helicopter
the ocean and clouds at sunset
Conrad bora bora from above
wedding couple standing on a bridge
a bride in a ritual union dress standing on a bridge
wedding couple walking down some stairs to the ocean
wedding couple standing super close to each other as their heads touch at sunset
close up of a groom pulling his wife towards him at sunset next to the ocean
a wedding couple looking out to the ocean at sunset

from deep blue sea into golden light

a woman diving under the water with sharks in the background

We wrapped up the amazing wedding weekend with a cool underwater photo shoot. After taking a boat out into the ocean, we jumped in and swam with sharks, stingrays, and fish in Bora Bora's clear waters.

When we finished, we moved closer to the shore and snapped some great couple photos at sunset. The golden light looked awesome with the island in the background, and the whole experience was perfect to this unforgettable experience.

close up of a couple touching heads at sunset while swimming in water
a black tip reef shark and some fish underwater

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