I was a shy kid, hovering at the edges of life and watching other people live it. My grandfather was my #1 friend, basically my father. He gave me a camera when I was 15 and that was the tool I needed to see my way into life. I always wonder if he had some intuition that photography was my calling.

Portrait of Lukas Piatek

I started with landscapes (people intimidated me). And it took me 13 years to build my confidence enough to photograph real people. I still remember how everything changed when I shot my first wedding for a friend. I saw how happy my photos made people, and that made me happy.

So now, when I work with real humans in love, like you, we both have the chance to connect more and become better people.

I was braver, more connected, more confident. I made dumb jokes (but at least I was joking!). Photography gave me a fuller human experience. It made me a better person.

let's be better human. together.


… Through light and shadows

… Lines and symmetry

… The movements of emotions



I found my way to articulate how life felt to me. And in sharing my passion with others, I discovered how to communicate (now just try and shut me up!). I find myself feeling more like a narrator than a photographer. And I’m never afraid to deliver your love story



Speaking of being a better human...

Close up of a wedding couple
Two dogs on a beach

I’d never be who/what/where I am now without the love and support of my wife, Lena. Between her, our daughter Rubi, our son Kami and our dogs (Milla, a 10 year old Bernese mountain dog and Alma, a 5 year old mix rescued from a shelter in Romania. ), I feel completely connected, capable of anything and basically like I won the love lotto.

Here’s to this new season in life for all of us.

Here’s to singing our dogs theme songs to keep them happy.

Here’s to the incredibly real power of love and its ability to make us our best selves.