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Your love comes first. You can trust me to narrate your story through my lens and capture you completely.

I’ll see your entire day, all your people together, as art.

I’ll frame it and preserve it with cinematic storytelling so you can be transported back to these moments every time you pick up your photo book. And then we have your experience. Be free to feel every emotion possible. Jump on the tables and dance like crazy. Or just quietly hold each other and let the world fade around you. I will hold space for you to be you. I will bring it all together for you. For your family and friends. For future generations. Plus, I want to bring it all together so you can have a hell of a good time.

“We cried, we laughed, and had the most amazing time getting to relive this day. We are beyond happy. Lukas, honestly, they are absolutely stunning and heartwarming and funny and every emotion possible! We are just so in awe of your incredible talent.”

Love will take you places…

Your adventurous spirit and trust in each other led you to the destination.

While we talk about love, art and experience we also have to talk logistics.

But (breath of relief) I make it smooth and painless.

We’ll work out every detail by:

Planning together to create your dream day.



Forming a timeline to flow through each moment.

Coordinating with you or your wedding planner to finalize those small but important venue details


Going over all the VIPs at your wedding. Your people are my people! I’ll ask for a doc with images and names of your most important humans so I can focus on them


Location scouting to get the lay of the land, measure the light and find the most breathtaking spots.


It’s all to help you feel light, poised and free. It’s all to give you the space to

be your truest self on your wedding day.

let's talk details

Maybe they’re your thing too. Or maybe you want that hometown wedding and you just need your photographer to come to you. That’s definitely my thing too. Anywhere, everywhere. Wherever you are, I want to be there.

I’ve captured it all... From urban cityscapes to lush jungles, from the waterfalls of Iceland to the stunning landscape of New Zealand. I’ve captured intimate elopements, large luxury weddings and everything in between on every continent except Antarctica (If anyone is brave enough to say “I do” in the South Pole, I’m your guy...).

Travel Plans for 21/22

Where is love calling you?

Smiling Wedding Couple

AUG, 2o21


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JUL, 2022