I like this blog so much, saved to my bookmarks.

Gee Lukas, simply stunning. I love how your editing brings out the colours of the landscape.

oh dude ! thanks a lot

Totally amazing!

thank you so much eloise !

This is too much!!! I love every single one and the atmosphere you created. Lukas, they’re great – as always!!!

wow thank you for the words Jay <3

dude!! awesome!! as ever – massive inspiration !!

ohhh <3 thank you !!!!

I think this is the best Iceland session I’ve ever seen!! Honestly your work is incredible dude, I have so much to learn. I appreciate your eye man

dude ! wow, thank you so much !!!!

That mackerel detail shot <3 love the whole atmospheric feel to your work. Great stuff man

Lukas, These are pure wizardry. Such incredible tones and your style is a perfect match for Iceland!

So beautiful and that songs fits the mood perfectly.

These two are just so in love! And you captured their connection perfectly! Was that a random fish? haha

Gorgeous photos, I really love the mood of them.

Literally stunning!! I visited Iceland recently and would love to go back again with a couple, your work is so amazing.

Everything about this. The captures. The tones. The music. STELLAR work. So so beautiful <3

absolutely amazing. not only gorgeous, but captures their connection so beautifully. sorry to be that person, but who is the music by?

its by Novo Amor and the song is called Holland !