New Zealand WEDDING

Wedding Couple in New Zealand walking down a field

A dreamy New Zealand Wedding

I had the opportunity to shoot this amazing New Zealand Wedding earlier this year. I always wanted to go back to this magical place after I left from my first trip ten years ago. NZ is the only place I could imagine moving. Secluded at the end of the world, but full of life & nature.

This is one of the reasons I was so excited when fellow New Zealand Wedding Photographer Sarah Clements messaged me. All she needed to say was New Zealand. That is all it took for me to freak out like a little kid in a toy store.

I already pictured seeing Sarah & Trent walking through the epic NZ landscape on their wedding day. I knew the journey down to New Zealand would take forever, but I did not care.

Luckily I even managed to book an engagement session in Singapore during my stopover. Enough of me talking about everything that happened before. Let’s take a look at this epic New Zealand Wedding.

I am going to try to explain my idea behind this story. We will start with the getting ready part that happened in a stunning little house by the ocean. What I tried to capture was not only the love between Sarah & Trent, but also between Sarah and her father.

That is why he plays such a significant role in my images. You can see him waiting, preparing the car, seeing Sarah for the first time and much more. Please pay attention to all of this during this NZ wedding.


The next part of the story is all about the first look between Sarah & her father. I would not have expected to say that this was the most favorite part of my New Zealand wedding. All I thought about before were epic landscapes and just the beauty of the country. In the end, it was a story about connection & love. The amazing bridal bouquet by Sarah was decorated with an amulet of her grandma that already passed away. This is why her father is so touched when he sees it.

That wraps up all of the getting ready stuff. Next thing would be the ceremony, which was absolutely stunning. We drove over there with a Land Rover, and the views were just breathtaking. Look at the images and tell me you did not fall in love with the scenery. Luckily enough, we also had the best light on this beautiful day in NZ.

After the ceremony was done, we took a time out for our couple session. This was the best! The scenery, the light, Sara & Trent. I could continue with so many awesome things about this, but I will just have the images speak for themselves. New Zealand is the best place for weddings, believe me.

We will finish this amazing New Zealand wedding witht he lovely reception. Laughter, love, tears and pure emotions throughout the night. Really hope you enjoyed this wedding in New Zealand.


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