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A Truly Unique Paradise in Greece

The Ultimate Santorini Wedding & Elopement Guide - Your Dream Wedding at the Aegean Sea

Get married in Santorini against the backdrop of one of the world's most breathtaking sunsets, with the cool Aegean breeze gently rustling your hair and the warm golden hues of the setting sun reflecting off the whitewashed architecture. This is what a wedding in Santorini promises - an unforgettable union of love in an idyllic setting, an experience that's every bit as magical as your love story.

This spectacular Greek island, perched on the edge of a dormant volcano, has long been a preferred wedding destination for couples worldwide. In fact, Santorini hosts more than 1,000 weddings each year, with couples drawn to its unique blend of stunning natural beauty, rich history, and renowned hospitality.

Whether you're planning a grand celebration with a lengthy guest list or a quaint elopement just for two, Santorini offers a myriad of possibilities. With its iconic blue-domed churches, panoramic sea views, world-class wineries, and intimate beach coves, the island has a venue to suit every style and size of wedding. Plus, with the added allure of its delicious Mediterranean cuisine, it's no wonder Santorini is often voted one of the best islands in the world for a romantic wedding.

But what makes a Santorini wedding truly stand out is the mesmerizing light that graces the island. As a destination wedding photographer, I can attest that the unique light of Santorini, coupled with the stark contrast of the white architecture and the azure sea, provides an unrivaled setting for capturing your most cherished moments.

So, if you're dreaming of a destination wedding that combines romance, elegance, and natural beauty, then look no further than Santorini. This blog post is your comprehensive guide to tying the knot in this Greek paradise, offering inside tips on the best venues, packages, and planning advice to ensure your big day is as magical as the island itself.

Let's dive in and start planning your dream Santorini wedding or elopement!

A Stunning Santorini Wedding venue overlooking the Aegean Sea

Now, let's take a moment to appreciate the incredible destination that is Santorini. This Greek island is known worldwide for its stunning beauty - think white-washed houses, blue-domed churches, and panoramic views of the Aegean Sea. But there's so much more to Santorini than just its postcard-perfect appearance.

Santorini is one of the Cyclades islands in the Aegean Sea, and it was devastated by a volcanic eruption in the 16th century BC, forever shaping its rugged landscape and creating the island's iconic caldera. This dramatic history contributes to the island's unique charm and makes it a fascinating place to explore.

The island's towns of Fira and Oia are the most famous and offer a range of boutique hotels, fine-dining restaurants, and quaint shops. Here, you'll also find some of Santorini's most famous wedding venues, all offering stunning views of the sea and the island's famous sunsets.

Outside of the towns, Santorini boasts beautiful beaches with unique features such as black and red sand, a testament to its volcanic history. The island also has a rich wine-making tradition, with several wineries offering tours and tastings - a perfect activity for your wedding guests!

Whether you're a history buff, a foodie, or just a lover of natural beauty, Santorini has something to offer you. It's a wonderful place to get married and a fantastic destination for a vacation or honeymoon.


The Best Wedding Venues In Santorini - From Villa to Winery, Theros Wave Bar, Cavo Ventus, le Ciel, and More

When it comes to wedding venues, this island is truly a treasure trove. Its unique blend of natural beauty, architectural elegance, and romantic ambiance offers the perfect setting for any wedding. Here is a list of the best Santorini Wedding venues that promise to make your big day unforgettable and make your search for the best wedding location easier.

Located on the stunning Eros beach in Vlyhada, Theros Wave Bar offers couples a uniquely picturesque venue. It's a gem nestled in a landscape resembling a lunar paradise, creating an environment of relaxed elegance that extends throughout the day.

The beauty of Theros Wave Bar is more than just its surroundings. The venue is a favorite spot for couples dreaming of a day embodying luxury and privacy. Offering a seaside setting secluded from the bustle, Theros Wave Bar has been expertly hosting events since 2007, tailoring each celebration to be as unique as the couples themselves.

As a venue, Theros Wave Bar provides the perfect canvas for romance. Every corner of the venue offers a dreamlike view, with terraces seemingly suspended over the sea, the horizon stretching endlessly, and an evocative play of light that sets the atmosphere. Imagine celebrating your love under the star-studded sky, with the rhythm of waves softly playing in the background.

This is what Theros Wave Bar promises.Their experienced team is ready to help organize your special day according to your desires, ensuring a stress-free planning process.

From music selection to dinner and open bar packages, they strive to make your wedding day as magical as Santorini itself.Beyond the wedding, Theros Wave Bar is also an ideal venue for pre and post-wedding parties, offering the perfect place to extend the celebration with your loved ones.



Dana Villas & Infinity Suites is a naturalist adventure on Santorini island, representing an eternal love affair with divine authenticity. This is where dreams come to life, and a deep sense of satisfaction pervades every moment, leaving nothing else to matter.

This is the essence of a wedding at Dana Villas.Their cave pool suites offer contemporary island accommodation and the seclusion many couples seek. Each suite boasts breathtaking views of the deep blue sea and the volcano hanging off the edge of the majestic Santorini caldera. Traditional whitewashed cave spaces and corridors enhance this authentic Santorinian experience, complemented by a remote location at the end of the Firostefani village.

At Dana Villas, your fantasies become reality. As day turns to night, the location offers lively nightlife opportunities in the central town of Fira, which is only a short walk away. However, couples can revel in serenity and intimate, dreamy romance throughout the day, making it a unique experience for all.

With over 3000 weddings hosted in the last 20 years, Dana Villas has the experience and professional staff to ensure that every detail of your special day is cared for. Whether you want a tailor-made party or wedding at the magical terrace of Dana Villas & Infinity Suites, they create unforgettable memories in a mind-blowing setting overlooking the volcanic caldera. Celebrate your love at the perfect, elegant, and luxurious backdrop of Dana Villa Wedding Venue. Set on the dreamy cliffside of the Santorini Caldera, it is one of the most majestic settings in the world.

A terrace hanging in the air evokes feelings of happiness and life appreciation, making you feel dizzy in love. Their whitewashed cave houses, lovingly laid out one on top of the other on the cliff, creating a cult setting for your perfect wedding day and ceremony.

Dana Villas


Where memories are made, and dreams come to life. This venue is the quintessential choice for your wedding, celebration, or gathering. With its versatile design and state-of-the-art facilities, Le Ciel is more than just a venue.

It's a space curated for love, laughter, and forever promises. Whether you're envisioning an intimate gathering or a grand-scale event, Le Ciel has the flexibility and breadth to cater to all your needs. The venue boasts an experienced team of professionals dedicated to making your event successful.

At Le Ciel, you can truly sit back, relax, and watch your dream wedding come to life. Le Ciel offers elegant indoor and outdoor spaces and a choice of delicious wedding menus. Your wedding ceremony can take place on their spectacular Caldera view wedding terrace. This terrace overlooks the Volcano and the Aegean Sea, providing an exquisite backdrop for your nuptials. The endless blue of the sea and the world-famous sunsets of Santorini add a touch of magic to your special day. Located in the picturesque village of Imerovigli in Santorini, Greece, Le Ciel effortlessly blends idyllic settings and Mediterranean grandeur.

The venue is renowned for its exquisite cuisine, hand-crafted cocktails, and meticulous attention to detail. The team at Le Ciel comprises experienced professionals who share a passion for excellence and a belief in the power of unity. Their efforts ensure that each wedding hosted at Le Ciel is nothing short of perfection.

Celebrating your love at Le Ciel is an unforgettable experience. Overlooking the breathtaking Caldera cliffs and a stunning sunset, Le Ciel stands out as one of the most elegant venues for luxury weddings and lifestyle events. Le Ciel awaits if you want to begin yours forever against a backdrop of sheer elegance and natural beauty.



Fanari Villas, beautifully nestled on the Caldera's lip, overlooks the sunset, the sea, and the island of Thirassia. This 4-star luxury hotel in Oia, Santorini, is often described by guests as "dream-like," "magical," "absolutely breathtaking," and "absolute heaven on earth," embodying the traditional chic flair beauty of Santorini.

Consisting of 16 luxurious suites, Fanari Villas provides upscale accommodation, and from every corner of the complex, guests can enjoy the magnificent open-air sea and sunset views. This enchanting venue operates from April 1 to November 30, allowing guests to experience all of Santorini's seasonal colors, moments, and tranquility.

Oia, the charming and welcoming village where Fanari Villas is located, stands on the cliffs above the captivating Caldera. Its delightful architecture and splendid scenery have made it a favorite holiday destination for those seeking an idyllic getaway. For couples looking to tie the knot in Santorini, Fanari Villas is an ideal venue, transforming the island's magic, beauty, and serenity into the perfect backdrop for their special day. Whether you plan an intimate ceremony or a grand event, Fanari Villas assures a personalized experience where every detail is meticulously attended to, and all wishes are within reach.As you exchange vows, facing the volcano, admiring the breathtaking sunset, and the shimmering blue waters, Fanari Villas assures you that your wedding day will be one of the most beautiful events in your life.

And even in this paradise far from home, you'll feel a sense of belonging, warmth, and relaxation, contributing to the magic of your special moment.Fanari Villas doesn't claim to be a certified or awarded wedding specialist. Still, its commitment to standing by your side and treating you as a cherished member of their family on your special day is what makes a difference. Fanari Villas's planning and design process is simple yet hospitable, focusing on you and your sacred wedding ceremony.Imagine a warm spring or summer breeze touching your shoulders as the sun lowers behind you, casting warm golden hues all around.

Your guests, whether they be close friends or well-wishers who have gathered to share your special moments, are smiling. This is the magic that Fanari Villas offers – a moment in paradise that will remain unforgettable.

FANARI villas


Cavo Ventus is a precious and fine artwork, a brand-new addition to Santorini's luxury accommodations that seamlessly blend the island's unparalleled beauty with all the modern and luxurious amenities and facilities you could desire.Situated in Akrotiri, Cavo Ventus is a modern, luxurious villa sprawled over 1000 square meters.

Built around a two-century-old stone windmill, the villa's design respects the traditional architecture of Santorini while introducing elements of modern luxury.The villa is nestled at a unique point on Akrotiri's caldera, offering stunning views from its 400 square meters private terrace, garden, and pool area.

Each angle presents a breathtaking scene, making it a paradise within paradise. Accommodation at Cavo Ventus includes two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a spacious living room with a view, and a fully equipped kitchen. Every area of the villa incorporates local materials, and its design pays homage to the magnificent old windmill that serves as its centerpiece.

The villa's private heated swimming pool dominates the outdoor spaces, with a fully equipped pool bar always available for a refreshing juice or a colorful cocktail. This blend of luxury and tradition extends to every corner of the estate, ensuring your comfort and relaxation. Not just a stunning accommodation option, Cavo Ventus's exquisite outdoor design makes it an ideal spot for any event, including wedding ceremonies, receptions, and parties.

The villa offers a perfect combination that saves you the trouble of moving on your wedding day. You can stay and hold your wedding ceremony right on the villa's premises, at any time of day you wish. Of course, sunset times are unique, with the colors of the Cycladic sun painting the caldera's rocks as you exchange your vows.

Cavo Ventus offers one of the most beautiful landscapes to host and perform your ceremony and reception. Its location is totally private, perfect for you and your loved ones, always given the stunning Santorini caldera and panoramic views across the island. Holding your wedding reception at Cavo Ventus is genuinely unique, making it an unforgettable experience for all your guests. This majestic venue promises an event you and your guests will cherish forever.

Cavo ventus


Santorini Gem, renowned for its breathtaking beauty, is a haven that has been a host to many stunning weddings, making its mark among the world's top wedding destinations. Situated amidst natural splendor, this venue is a sanctuary of timeless tranquility, providing an idyllic setting for your significant occasion.

The captivating caldera views create a phenomenal backdrop for your treasured moments, and the Santorini Gem Wedding Venue and Villa are bound to leave your guests spellbound. Whether you're the couple tying the knot or a cherished guest, this private estate's panoramic views and vibrant green spaces make it an unparalleled location to celebrate the start of a marital journey.

Santorini Gem holds the promise of turning your dream wedding into an unforgettable reality. With both outdoor and indoor spaces on offer, this luxury venue can accommodate events of varying scales. Savor this once-in-a-lifetime experience with a selection of delectable menus and premium services.

To enhance your Santorini experience, the stunning wedding villa is at your disposal for accommodation. Combining modern luxury, striking caldera views, and superior services, Santorini Gem is the ultimate venue for your fairytale come true.

Moreover, rest assured that the planning of your special day is in expert hands.

With the promise of a heartfelt ceremony unfolding at sunset in one of the world's most romantic wedding venues, Santorini truly is a picture-perfect setting for wedding ceremonies. The island's unique backdrops and natural beauty are perfect for capturing unforgettable moments—a sublime Greek island where vows of love are exchanged.

Santorini Gem also offers a variety of amenities such as a dining area, a cozy bar, a large pool overlooking the famous Caldera with exquisite poolside areas, and a luxurious wedding villa, all geared towards providing you with the most memorable wedding experience. Let Santorini Gem play host to your dream of a perfectly romantic wedding.

Santorini Gem


The captivating beauty of Santorini shines through in the ethereal charm of Rocabella Santorini. This serene resort seems to bloom from the island's striking contrast between the whitest whites and bluest blues. Nestled in the quaint village of Imerovigli, Rocabella allows guests to craft a unique narrative interwoven with breathtaking sunsets and a serene atmosphere.

Derived from the term 'beautiful rock,' Rocabella sits as a tranquil haven, perfectly balanced between the lively buzz of Fira, the capital, and the enchanting allure of Oia. It's an ideal destination that promises both adventure and tranquility to its visitors, strategically tucked away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Rocabella's 42 rooms and suites are a testament to the simplicity and charm of Cycladic culture, designed with a minimalist aesthetic that mirrors the authentic island lifestyle. Here, guests can be swept away into a dreamlike world where the sea melody resonates with the romance in the air.

The resort embraces tranquility, offering sun-drenched rooms that open up to mesmerizing vistas. The splendid Santorinian sunsets, the romantic atmosphere, and the chic, minimalist design all blend seamlessly to create an ambiance of peaceful luxury.At Rocabella, the concept of 'hospitality' takes on a deeper meaning. Every gesture, whether it's the daily maid service or the simple act of arranging fresh flowers, is intended to make our guests feel cherished and pampered.

Rocabella isn't just a resort; it's an unforgettable experience that embodies the spirit of 'Filoxenia.' It opens up its arms to share the breathtaking beauty of Santorini and offers a magical setting for couples to exchange vows of eternal love. Celebrate your special day amidst the awe-inspiring Santorini caldera, where panoramic views of the sea, the volcano, and the sunset serve as the backdrop for your new journey together.

A wedding at Rocabella Santorini is not merely a ceremony. It's a memory that echoes with love, passion, and beauty. It's a testament to the indomitable spirit of love, set in one of the most beautiful locations on earth, an unforgettable spectacle made just for you and your beloved.



Not too long ago, I was introduced to a gem of a location, Venetsanos Winery in Santorini, renowned as the perfect venue for weddings and events. The historical significance of being the island's first industrial winery adds an extra layer of charm to its modern, polished aesthetic.

With its rich heritage and captivating beauty, Venetsanos Winery provides a magical setting for every celebration. Nestled on a cliff's edge, the winery stretches over four unique levels, each offering a different perspective of the mesmerizing island. The Upper Terrace, situated on the second level, is a spectacular open space that unveils a panoramic view of the iconic caldera.

Its appeal lies not just in the breathtaking backdrop it provides for ceremonies, receptions, and private dinners but also in its ability to adapt to any event's needs.

The Upper Terrace can morph into whatever you need it to be: a cozy gathering space for 100 people at round tables, a casual setting for a standing reception of 150, or a theatre-style arrangement for an audience of 120. Its versatility ensures every event is as unique as the couples it hosts.

The photographer in me yearns to capture the ethereal beauty of this location. Picture this: the sun setting on the Caldera, painting the sky in vibrant hues of orange and pink, with every moment exuding magic and romance. Unsurprisingly, couples seeking a memorable setting for their nuptials are increasingly turning to Venetsanos Winery.

venetsanos winery


Saint Antonio Vineyard, a cherished wedding venue tucked away in the beautiful landscape of Santorini, promises more than just a picturesque setting. It gives you an unforgettable experience, set against the mesmerizing backdrop of the Caldera, the iconic volcano, and the awe-inspiring views of the island.

Santorini, otherwise known as Thira, has captured the hearts of many worldwide, earning its status as one of the top destinations in Greece. Known for its romantic allure, it's not just the destination that's enticing but also its fascinating history. As you stand on the edge of the Caldera, you can see evidence of one of the largest volcanic eruptions in the world.

This cataclysmic event shaped the island into what it is today, with beautiful villages delicately perched on the rim of the caldera, each radiating with unique Cycladic architecture and offering stunning sea views. It's no wonder that this island, rising from its own ashes, has become a coveted wedding destination for couples globally.

Saint Antonio Vineyard brings together all the elements that make Santorini so special. It sits majestically on a hill encircled by sprawling vineyards and provides panoramic views that transform throughout the day from sunrise to sunset. This venue perfectly blends tradition, unique architecture, natural beauty, and comfort.

Saint Antonio Vineyard can accommodate you no matter the size or style of your wedding. From lavish affairs to intimate gatherings, this idyllic location provides the perfect setting to create everlasting memories. Choose Saint Antonio Vineyard, and experience the wedding day of your dreams on an island that resonates with romance and history.


profile photo of Copenhagen wedding photographer Lukas Piatek

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Santorini Wedding Photography Packages

Every couple is unique, and so are their wedding photography needs. As a professional wedding photographer, I understand this and offer various wedding packages designed to capture every precious moment of your special day in Santorini.

wedding couple standing super close to each other as their heads touch at sunset


This option is ideal for those who want thorough yet concise coverage of their big day. With up to 8 hours of coverage, I'll capture at least 600 images that reflect every important moment. From the small details to the grand gestures, your love story will be beautifully encapsulated.

The package includes a private online gallery where you can easily view and download your high-resolution images. Optional prints and art books are also available for those who wish to have a tangible keepsake of their special day.

a bride walking next to a door with light coming in


With up to 10 hours of coverage, this package ensures a more extensive collection of your wedding day. I'll capture at least 800 carefully curated images to ensure every essential moment is included.

As with the Basic Package, you'll receive access to a private online gallery where you can view and download your high-resolution images, and there's an option to purchase prints and art books if you wish.

groom crying when bride is reading the vows during elopement in Bora Bora


For those who want to capture every single moment of their wedding day, this package provides up to 12 hours of coverage. You will receive at least 1000 images, capturing each detail of your love story with precision and care.

As always, you'll get a private online gallery for viewing and downloading your high-resolution images, with the option to get prints and art books.


Add-On Options: To make your photography package even more unique and suited to your needs, I offer various add-on options. These include the services of a second shooter for additional coverage, creating a high-quality album to showcase your photographs, professional videography to capture your day in motion, and the opportunity to have an engagement shoot to celebrate the beginning of your journey towards matrimony. I'm more than happy to customize your package, mixing and matching the options available to create a perfect fit for your special day.

Santorini Wedding Planners

Planning a destination wedding might seem daunting, but luckily, Santorini is home to several experienced wedding planners who can make your dream wedding come to life. These experts are well-versed in the logistics of planning a wedding in Santorini - from navigating local marriage laws to sourcing reliable vendors. They'll work closely with you to understand your vision, taking care of all the details so you can focus on enjoying your special day.

Most importantly, local wedding planners have in-depth knowledge of the island, so they can recommend the best venues, organize transportation, and even advise on the best time of day for your ceremony based on the sunlight. Whether you envision a sophisticated beachside celebration or a traditional Greek wedding, a Santorini wedding planner can help you bring your vision to life.





Poema is known for its elegant and romantic weddings, with a team of experienced professionals dedicated to making each event unique and personal.

This wedding planner promises a high-quality service with a personal touch, helping couples to create their dream wedding in one of Santorini's stunning locations.



Close up detail of a wedding reception table set up at a wedding in santorini at sunset



Renowned for their professionalism and high level of service, Divine Weddings offers a range of packages to cater to different styles and budgets.


While traditional weddings in Santorini often center around grand venues, multiple guest events, and extensive planning, an enchanting alternative offers an entirely unique experience - a Santorini elopement, a small wedding if you want to say so.

An elopement in Santorini strips back the 'bigger is better' wedding mentality and emphasizes you and your love story. Rather than orchestrating a large event, you can focus on the intimate, meaningful moments that truly symbolize your commitment to each other.

Think of it as distilling the essence of a wedding into its most honest, heartfelt form. Just the two of you (or perhaps a handful of your closest people) pledging your lives to each other in one of the world's most stunning settings.

There's freedom in elopements that's impossible with traditional weddings. You can choose to say your vows at sunrise on a secluded beach or under the stars on a private terrace overlooking the sea. Your wedding photoshoot could leisurely explore Santorini's most beautiful spots, capturing spontaneous, authentic moments without time pressure.

After the ceremony, continue the celebration with a romantic dinner at a local gourmet restaurant or a private sunset cruise on the Aegean Sea. The simplicity and focus on the personal connection during an elopement often lead to some of the most genuine and emotive wedding photographs.

And once your beautiful day comes to a close? You're already on your honeymoon in one of the most romantic places in the world. So, if you're drawn to a wedding day that breaks away from tradition and focuses solely on your bond, a Santorini elopement could be just the ticket.

Santorini Elopement - Get married in Santorini and have a more intimate wedding

If You want to keep it more intimate and save a bit of money

Bride in a boho dress at her elopement in santorini

Santorini Elopement Packages

a wedding couple standing next to each other in an intimate position during their santorini elopement





This is ideal for couples who appreciate simplicity yet do not want to compromise on capturing their special day.

I offer half-day photography coverage encompassing the most significant moments of your elopement.

From the intimate ceremony to the candid moments of joy, laughter, and tears, I will document your love story against the beautiful backdrop of Santorini.

This package allows for more comprehensive documentation of your elopement, from the morning preparations to the ceremony and the following moments.

Moreover, I will be there to capture a romantic photoshoot set in various iconic Santorini locations, ensuring that your elopement story is told in a collection of stunning images you will cherish forever.




Are weddings in Santorini legal?

Is it easy to get married in Santorini?

Yes, with the right preparation. There are several legal requirements to fulfill, but with the help of an experienced wedding planner, the process can be relatively straightforward. Remember that you'll need to sort out all the necessary paperwork in your home country before your trip.

Absolutely! Both civil and religious marriages in Santorini are legally recognized. However, each type of marriage requires specific documentation and has its own set of prerequisites. It's important to consult with a wedding planner or the local municipality to ensure all legal requirements are met.

How many days do you need to be in Santorini before getting married?

Which month is best for a Santorini wedding?

While there's no legal requirement for how long you should be in Santorini before the wedding, arriving at least a few days before the ceremony is usually recommended. This allows for any last-minute preparations and helps ensure that you're relaxed and ready for your big day.

The best time to get married is typically between April and October. You'll likely experience the best weather during this period – warm temperatures and little rain. For cooler weather, consider April, May, or October. For beach weather, June through September are your best bet.

What do you need to get married in Santorini?

Can you get married on the beach in Santorini?

The exact documents you'll need will depend on your nationality and the type of wedding you're planning (civil or religious). Still, generally, you'll need your passports, birth certificates, and proof of freedom to marry. All non-Greek documents must be translated into Greek. Always check with a local wedding planner or the local municipality to confirm.

Yes, there are many beautiful beaches in Santorini where you can hold your ceremony. However, remember that some of the most iconic views of Santorini are from its clifftops, not its beaches.

Is Santorini a good place to get married?

How much does a destination wedding cost in Santorini?

Absolutely! With its breathtaking views, romantic atmosphere, and top-notch hospitality, Santorini is considered one of the best wedding destinations worldwide. From grand weddings at luxury resorts to intimate elopements on the beach, Santorini caters to all kinds of wedding dreams.

The cost of a destination wedding in Santorini can vary widely, depending on the number of guests, venue, wedding planner fees, catering, and other factors. On average, a wedding in Santorini can range from $10,000 for a simple elopement to over $40,000 for a luxury wedding. However, remember that each wedding is unique, and costs can be adapted to fit a range of budgets.

Maybe Santorini is not the right place for you

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