Italy Wedding

The wedding couple is leaving the church and their guests are congratulating them with leaves, flower petals and rice.

We even had to escape from the crowd to be on time as we planned to drive around in some tiny and slow cars. You will see how adorable these cars were in the images below.

People were going crazy once we arrived, making our entrance with the cars as music played and everyone danced. We then rushed out for some quick couple shots before Cristina & Richard made another entrance, with sparklers all over the place.

I literally got burned in my face while I was chasing them running around the reception area. Everything looked so amazing, kudos to Elena Pistone for setting everything up!

Emotions took over from that moment one, as the evening was filled with speeches, laughter, and joy. The absolute best happened in the end however when everyone, including the couple, went crazy.

Everyone was jumping and singing on the tables with the live band. And that was a perfect ending, for a perfect wedding in Italy.

I hope you enjoyed my little trip as a wedding photographer in Italy, so feel free to reach out to me if you are getting married there as well.

A romantic wedding in the south of italy

I was so excited when Cristina & Richard booked me as their Wedding Photographer in Italy because I knew this weekend would be insane. What else can you expect in the middle of the summer in Italy, right? I was fortunate enough to spend 5 days in Puglia ( South Italy ) to document pre-wedding, wedding & post-wedding with my couple.

The Air Bnb that I booked was also super pretty and I shared a house with an Italian grandma. She even made me homemade breakfast each morning. Tomatoes, fresh bread, juice, coffee and olive oil that she did on her own. Will surely come back to grandma Maria next time again!

But let’s talk about the wedding itself now. It was perfect, what more can I say. The ceremony was held in a super tiny church that didn’t even fit half of the guests but that made it charming. Some of the people inside the church would have loved to be outside in the breeze believe me.

There was so much love laughter at the end of the ceremony with people jumping all over Cristina & Richard with hugs and kisses.



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A wedding couple is holding each other near a castle in Italy.

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