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Hey my name is Lukas, a wedding photographer that wants to help you plan your Japanese wedding. Japan is a country that has always looked towards the future while never losing sight of the past.

So unsurprisingly, there are many different wedding venues in Japan, ranging from upscale hotels to beach resorts to historic temples.

Whether couples are traveling from abroad or looking for a local venue, these are some of the best places to host wedding ceremonies and receptions.




Hotel Gajoen Tokyo

Kyoto Northern Church

Imperial Hotel Tokyo




This luxurious 4-star hotel is perfect for an upscale wedding in Tokyo. The hotel is essentially filled with a museum and is decorated with Japanese sculptures and arts. The hotel has several wedding spaces, including spaces that can accommodate up to 450 guests. In addition, it offers amenities like on-site catering, menu printing, and an in-house florist.

This Kyoto wedding chapel is a distinctive setting for a traditional wedding. Inside the church, you'll find pews, an altar, and everything you would expect to see at a chapel. The exterior of the venue, however, is covered in lush greenery. The church is surrounded by a garden that provides the perfect backdrop for photos. After the ceremony is over, guests can celebrate at an adjacent restaurant.

This historic hotel has been hosting weddings for more than 130 years. The venue specializes in traditional Japanese weddings, Nagashima-style weddings that incorporate elements of Shinto weddings. Brides are strongly encouraged to wear a genuine kimono during the ceremony. The hotel provides bridal garments that were created by first-class kimono makers.


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Okazaki Jinja in Kyoto

Anniversaire in Tokyo Bay

Okakuen in Kyoto

This shrine, which was built when Kyoto became Japan's capital in 794, has a long and storied history. Locals believe that couples that marry here will have significant and healthy families. In addition, both Shinto and Buddhist ceremonies are performed at this shrine. It's also a short distance from the Heian-no-Mori Hotel and many nearby restaurants.

Often referred to as "Wedding Village," this theme park was designed to look like a European-inspired village. The streets are lined with shops that provide wedding services, including a florist and a beauty salon. Ceremonies are held in a wedding chapel, while receptions take place in a large banquet hall. In addition, there's a beautiful fountain in the village square, as well as spacious private gardens that newlyweds can stroll through.

This spacious compound is one of the best garden wedding venues Japan. Not only does it offer both western and Japanese-style gardens, but it has a banquet hall and a traditional tearoom as well. While the gardens change with the seasons, it's stunningly beautiful at any time of year. After the ceremony, couples can pose for photos during a complimentary rickshaw ride.

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Shangri-La Tokyo

Kitayama Monolith Restaurant in Kyoto

The Ice Chapel at Hoshino Resort in Hokkaido

This elegant hotel has its own chapel and several different event spaces, including a ballroom that can accommodate up to 250 guests. The venue is located right in the heart of Tokyo, just minutes away from the Ginza shopping district. The hotel staff provides exemplary service and will ensure that couples have everything they need for their perfect wedding.

Located in Hokkaido's Ice Village, this chapel looks as though it's been frozen over. The unusual venue, which is only open during the winter season, is partially made from real snow and ice. While couples will need to bundle up to withstand the cold temperatures, the frozen church is breathtakingly beautiful, especially when it's lit up and night. The Ice Village also offers many amenities that make it perfect for a reception, including a skating rink, bar, and ice slide.

This upscale wedding venue is an excellent choice for couples that appreciate fine dining. During the reception, guests will be served gourmet meals made from fresh ingredients sourced in Kyoto. Ceremonies are held in a glass-enclosed chapel that's surrounded by greenery. It's ideal for couples who want an elegant wedding and want to feel close to nature.

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The Bvlgari Restaurant in Tokyo

Hilton Odawara Resort & Spa

Funatsuru Kyoto Kamogawa Resort in Kyoto

Located at the Ginza Tower, Bvlgari strives to provide couples with a fully customizable wedding experience. There are several event spaces available, including a rooftop location that's ideal for outdoor ceremonies. Staff will work with guests to create the perfect menu, decorate the event space, and add special touches to make the wedding more memorable.

This lovely hotel, located in Odawara City, is just 30 minutes from Tokyo via train. It offers several event spaces that are perfect for wedding ceremonies and receptions, as well as picturesque views of the ocean. In addition, because this venue is part of the Hilton Family of hotels, it's ideal for couples planning a wedding from abroad.

This resort, which is located alongside the Kamogawa River, allows guests to enjoy luxury amenities while still being surrounded by nature. The indoor chapel is beautifully decorated, and the large glass windows provide stunning views of the historic Kiyomizu-dera temple. The resort is also home to a banquet hall that serves delectable meals to wedding guests.

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Hotel Hyakuna Garan in Okinawa

Yokohama Geihinkan in Kanagawa

Sensoji Temple in Tokyo

Yokohama Geihinkan is a wedding hall that offers indoor and outdoor venues. It's a beautiful option for couples that want a garden wedding. The ceremony can occur in the chapel, which is decorated with greenery, or in the courtyard. Couples will have access to traditional items from the guest collection, which includes dresses and kimonos. It can host up to 200 guests, making it a suitable choice for larger weddings, but smaller weddings can be held here.

Built-in 645, this is the oldest temple in Tokyo. This colorful temple is a popular destination for locals and visitors from across the globe. Because this temple is such a popular destination, couples must book the venue far in advance, especially for weddings held during the spring and fall. While the temple is spacious, the ceremony hall is tiny. Therefore, it's common for couples to host their ceremony here and choose a larger venue in the area for their reception.

This hotel is home to several perfect locations for outdoor ceremonies, including a beach and a lush courtyard. During the reception, guests can enjoy meals sourced from fresh Okinawa ingredients. Guests will also have access to private open-air baths.

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The Ritz-Carlton in Tokyo

The Busena Terrace Beach Resort in Okinawa

Shunkoin Temple in Kyoto

The Ritz-Carlton hotel family is associated with luxury and elegance across the globe. This venue is home to two on-site chapels: Hie Shrine, which hosts traditional weddings, and a chapel with crystal windows. It also has several different event spaces and can host large wedding parties. The staff will work with couples to put together the perfect wedding package.

For couples that want to say their vows right along the sea, this Okinawa resort is a perfect choice. It's home to two event spaces, both with ocean views and natural lighting. Couples can get married indoors on a covered terrace or right on the beach. The venue can host up to 90 guests and is ideal for an intimate seaside ceremony.

This Zen temple offers English-language wedding services and is a popular option for foreign couples. Because the temple complex is so large, couples will be able to enjoy a serene wedding away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Kyoto. The temple, built-in 1590, has a rich history and provides many stunning backdrops for photos.

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Luigans Resort & Spa in Fukuoka

Fusaki Beach Resort Hotel and Villas in Okinawa

Meiji Jingu in Tokyo

This extraordinary resort, located in Fukuoka National Park, is entirely surrounded by nature, even though it's just a short drive from the city center. Ceremonies are held in the lush gardens, while receptions take place in the event rooms indoors. So not only will guests be able to enjoy the wedding celebration, but they'll be able to relax at the luxurious spa.

This resort hotel, located on Ishigaki Island in Okinawa, is a fantastic location for a destination wedding. Not only does the resort host beautiful beach weddings on white-sand beaches, but it has 398 modern guest rooms available. In addition, the resort complex was recently renovated, which means guests will be able to enjoy newly refurbished and luxurious accommodations.

This temple is one of the most popular wedding venues in Japan. The shrine, which was built to honor Emperor Meiji, hosts ceremonies year-round. It offers traditional Shinto ceremonies in a beautiful and historic setting. In addition, there are event spaces nearby for the wedding reception, or couples can choose to celebrate their marriage at one of several nearby restaurants.

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Heian Jingu Shrine in Kyoto

Kitayama Geihinkan in Kyoto

ANA InterContinental Manza Beach Resort in Okinawa

This private, European-style mansion allows couples to host an intimate wedding while still having access to incredible amenities. The venue has its own chapel and banquet hall, as well as a pool and garden. The stunning mansion can be decorated in a variety of ways, making it possible for couples to create their perfect event space. For one night, couples can feel like they're hosting a private party in their own mansion.

Located in a National Park, Manza Beach is a beautiful location for beach weddings. Not only is the venue surrounded by breathtaking reviews, but the resort offers several venues and a wide array of wedding services. As a result, it's one of the most popular destination wedding venues in Japan. The resort can accommodate large parties from across the globe. It even has an impressive selection of dining options, serving both Japanese and International cuisine.

Couples that want to get married during cherry blossom season will find this venue to be the ideal location. Between mid-march and early May, the venue is surrounded by cherry blossoms. The shrine hosts traditional wedding ceremonies as well as modern services. Receptions are hosted at the nearby Heian Jinju Event Hall.

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